Ahh,  you expected to come here and find a page full of banners for dommes and kink-related sites. Well, if you’ll do your SEO/SEM research and study Google recommendations, you will find out that that is an antiquated method which I no longer subscribe to. I am very happy to write an article in my blog about your or your company. It would be nice if you would do the same for me. First we need to establish contact and decide whether we want to promote each other. I prefer to promote ladies I know and like. Gone are the days of plastering hundreds of anonymous banners on one’s page in order to boost rankings. That’s just not best practice anymore, ladies. Having said that, I do wonder if Google makes any allowance for adult-related material? I dunno. But I follow their recommendations for all my sites. Thanks for understanding.

You can read articles within my blog about the following sites:

Dickie Virgin