Requesting Volunteers and Benefactors for New Kinky Premises and BDSM Dungeon

black suede flogger lying on table

I am in the process of acquiring new premises! This is very exciting! It’s a dream come true for me. And for you, as it will greatly expand my opportunities — and therefore your opportunities — for kink, femdom, and general pervery! Xela Xaste and I have teamed up, and plan to have live-in slaves, bdsm slave parties, private fetish soirees, couples retreats, and pro domme sessions. The new place will be a large (5-bedroom), detached suburban house, with plenty of space for all sorts of naughtiness. There will also be some scope for outdoor play.

How can you help? There are several ways you can help make my kinky dream come true! You can provide your time, building or DIY skills, spare cash, or donations of furniture or dungeon equipment.

Given that I currently reside in a small flat, I have a pressing need for furnishings and dungeon kit! The look I’m going for is a mash-up of stately retro manor, Tudor, and medieval, perhaps even with the odd splash of 70’s kitsch thrown in. Some examples of furniture needed inlcude antique wood tables, dressers, and coffee tables; Chesterfield sofas and chairs; and Oriental rugs. I will also need wardrobes (lots of wardrobes!) and bedframes.

Obviously I will have to purchase whichever items aren’t donated, and I prefer to buy used items, for cost and character reasons. So If you have a van, then you could help by picking up items and/or driving me around to used furniture stores, auctions, boot fairs etc.

The dungeon will be of high quality and will include a whipping bench, bondage frame, bondage chair, and cage, plus all the accompanying whips and chains, and other pervy accoutrements.

Anyone who contributes two or more hours of time, one or more items of furniture/kit, or £50 or more will receive a special guest invitation to one of our fetish parties, which will allow you early arrival, a glass of bubbly (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), and 30 minutes of one-on-one dungeon time with me or Xela. If you prefer not to attend a party, you can opt for joining one or both of us for lunch.

I should note that time is of the essence, as I want to hit the ground running and get this kinky show on the road! So if you wish to help, please get in touch as soon as possible!