London Mature Mistress – FemDom in East London

London Female Domination in a Vanilla Setting by Experienced American Mistress

Mistress looking very stern in figure-hugging pink and black dress with black opera gloves, and short red hair.
Not a woman to be trifled with

~~ Obviously, during this coronavirus pandemic, we are all practising social distancing — or should be!; therefore, I am not offering sessions until it is safe to do so. I wish everyone well during this very difficult time. Stay safe! ~~

You have now embarked upon an odyssey of alternative female domination. Please leave your preconceived notions of femdom, kink and bdsm at the door and take a knee.

Welcome to those of you seeking FemDom with a London mature mistress in east London. My name is Vivian Robinson, American Bitch in London. You may address me as Lady Vivian or Mrs Robinson. I provide domestic femdom. What is domestic domination? It means that the setting in which I administer female domination is a home environment, rather than a bdsm dungeon. I use domestic discipline, including spanking and consequences such as denial, to train my slaves to serve me in the manner I prefer. I am quite capable of inflicting pain if necessary, and have done so extensively. But a d/s dynamic is not just about pain. It is about control and subordination.

I have many years’ exerience as a pro domme, or professional mistress, in London, and have extensive knowledge and understanding of BDSM, fetish, dominance and submission, femdom and slave training. I enjoyed the time I spent immersed in kinky dungeons inflicting hard-core corporal punishment, bondage, and many other aspects of being a London dominatrix. But over the years, my tastes have mellowed and now I find that milder domination suits me better.

I enjoy having an adoring sub or slave serve me in a domestic setting as I carry on with my usual activities, or pampering me as I relax. Whatever the form your service takes, I gain great satisfaction in controlling men and having them do my bidding. Being a domestic domination mistress means that I can allow my femdom nature to flow freely in a natural fashion rather than performing theatrics in a bizarre environment.

Being the slave of a London mature mistress, or domestic domination mistress, is a different experience than serving a kinky dungeon mistress, so be sure to read my entire site, especially the ‘Serve Me’ page. This will familiarize you with my terms and requirements. Doing so will demonstrate to me that you are serious about serving and not just looking for a cheap thrill. If you wish to experience sincere submission to a mature female dominant, get in touch and let’s discuss it. If you’re looking for something a bit more challenging, read about my extreme female domination.