Poly Household


It is my goal to set up a poly household with two male slaves. I would like the location to be north, west, or south London, ideally somewhere in zones 1-4 on the tube, but am open to a bit further out. I do not have a set time schedule for moving, but would like to do so before the new year (2019).

A Little About Me

I am a warm, friendly person with an ougoing personality. I am smart, shrewd, logical, pragmatic, non-judgmental, and have a heart as big as Texas. I have two university degrees, earned in the USA. I’m rather good at assessing people and situations. At times I am tender and loving; at others I am cold, bitchy and mean. I can be impatient and brusk. I can be exceptionally understanding and compassionate. Despite varying moods, overall, I am sane, steady and reliable. I don’t drink alcohol nor use any drugs.

I’m quite maternal, a bit sadistic, and have that middle-aged, crone air of authority, which lends itself well to corrupting slave boys and luring them into my twisted web.

Some of my interests are arts, culture, humanities; organic whole foods (not exclusively); day/road trips; travel; website development; documentaries; crime dramas; the beach; old houses (very interested in doing renovations or restorations); alternative houses; standup comedy; blues music. To name a few.

Absolute Requirements Are as Follows:

1) No outside obligations (ex-wives, children, bankruptcies, etc)
2) Mental stability (no psychiatric admissions or erratic behaviour)
3) No addictions or regular drug/alcohol use
4) Identify totally as a slave (no switches)
5) Masculine and not a cd/tv/sissy
6) Comfortable with public display, ie occasional fetish events, wearing a collar at the supermarket, some public humiliation (verbal lashing on the street, for example)
7) Steady, reasonably high income. If you’re a broke bastard, this won’t work.
8) Aged 30-40, though if you are exceptional, I will consider older/younger

If you don’t match the above requirements, there is no point reading further.

Expectations of You

Each member of the house will contribute resources: emotional, financial, time, and labour. Any other skills/talents/resources you have will be valuable and taken advantage of. For instance, car repair, business, IT, cooking, carpentry, photography, etc.

You do not have to have experience living with others, though it helps, but you must have experience serving as a slave. I don’t mean in occasional, one-off sessions, but rather in long- or long’ish-term relationships. It will not work if you do not already know that you are for sure cut of slave cloth and are happiest when serving and making sacrifices for your domme.

I am seeking compliant, obedient slaves who understand that I am at the center of the ‘family’ and in control of the direction of our life together. You must be committed to the group/household and happy to live a life of service and sacrifice. Though the right slaves will not see this as sacrifice, but rather as a joyful opportunity to express their need to serve, be of use, and share their personal gifts in a very special group dynamic. For this, you will be valued, protected and treated well. The goal is to have a happy, fulfilling life in a healthy environment, not to beat you down like a dog in misery. I might hurt you, but I will never harm you. You will be prized property and looked after accordingly. There will, however, be a certain amount of mindfucking and sadism. Consider yourself forewarned.

You do not need to identify as bisexual. Even if you identify as straight, you must be open to the possibility of sexual interaction with the other slave. I might use this as punishment or simply for my amusement. In the very least, you must be comfortable being naked around another male and being present if male-on-male interaction is occuring.

I would like one slave who does identify as bi, and is eager to be pimped out, as I want to use him for my pro-domme sessions. His sexual expression in my presence will be limited to that of a toy/slut for men, to be fucked like a girl, either for my financial gain or entertainment.

Micro-management does not appeal to me, except for short periods. You need to have the ability to be autonomous and think for yourself when directed, yet also have the capacity to turn your brain off and get deeply into slave mode when required, which will be the majority of the time. It can be a delicate balance. I will train you in this area.

What You Can Expect of Me

I will expect to be pampered and looked after, to include cooking, massage (lots of massage), laundry, shopping, and whatever else I require.

Regarding intimate contact with me, this is something very personal and I don’t want to say much here. It is a possibility, especially with the straight slave. If you are a slave who doesn’t want/need that, that is good. I don’t want either slave entering into this thinking I will be there to meet his sexual needs. If I choose to use you in that way, that’s a different story.

Each slave will be given the space to meet his personal sexual need for relief in some form or other (that could take the form of only being allowed to have sex in front of me. Who knows? I will decide this as and when). If there is strong sexual attraction/chemistry with my slaves, I will use them each/both as I wish. Though it is unlikely I will want intimate contact with the slave who is pimped out.

It is not my intention to keep a slave in long-term chastity, unless he has experience with this and knows he can handle it. But I don’t necessarily have a fetish for chastity. In fact, I rather enjoy making a slave cum while I am tormenting him in wicked ways. I’m twisted like that.

No matter what, anything and everything that happens depends on my mood and my wishes. Our dynamics as a group and our individual needs will affect things, and it’s impossible to say at this stage specifically how things will play out. I will take your personality, preferences and needs into consideration, but I have final say. If you can’t accept that, you are not right for this situation.

How to Proceed

I will begin meeting people in June. I realise it will take time. You can’t really force something like this, and it won’t be easy to find the right match among three people when factoring in practical issues like work locations with personalities, strengths/weaknesses, and chemistry, but I am in no hurry. It takes time to build bonds of trust, respect and affection. Or contempt, however you look at it.

If you are interested, answer each question specifically, in a numbered fashion. Send the answers to me on Fetlife at VivianRobinson. If you skip answering even one question, I will delete your message and you will not be considered:

1) Do you meet the above 8 requirements?
2) What do you find attractive about me and my proposition?
3) What do you feel you have to offer to this situation?
4) How do you think this would benefit you as a person?
5) What is your experience as a slave?
6) Have you lived in a group situation before?
7) What are two of your strengths/assets?
8) What is your education?
9) What is your job?
10) Long-term goals? (career, life, as a slave, etc)